False Alarm

All red dress with the devil eyes (she loves)
So obsessed with the camera lights (she loves)
You love her, but you can’t deny (she loves)
The truth, the truth

She loves everybody
Can’t you tell by the signs?
She loves everybody
She gets off all the time
It’s a dark philosophy
And it haunts her constantly
It’s a false alarm to me
She’s a false alarm
                – The Weekend
You begin a journey
not knowing what to expect, but knowing what you hope to find
then one day early on
you meet someone. something happens
you think you’ve found a treasure
even better than you imagined
it’s a pleasant surprise
your spirit soars
your heart is giddy
you’ve stumbled across an adventure
a best friend. a crush.
a gem you think will be the best part of the journey you are on
then slowly, ever slowly
something changes
the diamond in the ruff
begins to chip and scuff
the excitement wanes
your view starts to change
as a crush, it never was
by a friend, a crush is stolen
you begin to wonder if the treasure isn’t merely trash
dressed in pretty colors
with a coat of shiny jewels to distract from the truth
and the more you wonder
the more you think you know
and the more you think you know
the more you begin to see
fast forward some time down the line
and you realize that gift
is really just a curse
you’ve been poisoned
by a devil
with an angel face
and you know others have seen the light as well
and they too have been left behind in dust, for dead
and you wonder why the rest don’t see it too
and wish you could make them understand
before they get sucked in too far as well
and when it seems they’ll never end up like you
it’s even harder to bear
why was I blinded?
Why was my blindfold lifted? Why wasn’t theirs?
you begin wishing you could go back to the dark
back down the hole
to the time of smoke and mirrors
before you knew the magician’s trick
the con artist’s secret
the story’s end
and you realize
the surprise you were so happy to find
was a false alarm
your spirit sinks
your heart is crushed
instead of the best thing about your journey,
it’s the thing that makes you wish you never left home
the thing you struggle to get past
so the experience isn’t ruined
yet there’s nothing you can do
you’ll never escape the scar
of that twisted, untimely, cruel
false alarm

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