Dark thoughts have consumed me for weeks

ive blamed it on one demon

a green monster under my bed

but I’ve come to see there’s more

the monster is the anchor which drags me under

but it’s another beast who throws me into the water knowing I’ll drown

this beast is the reason I can’t think of anyone but her

Why anger rises in me

whenever she laughs at someone else’s joke

whenever her irresistible flirtation falls on someone else’s ears

Whenever her intoxicating touch is felt by another

it’s why the monster stirs from slumber

to consume me and turn me me into a monster like him

whom others dislike and I myself despise

the beast is why one day I hate her

the next, all I want is our limbs intertwined as we fall asleep side by side

this beast and its minions have ruined our relationship

she’s not completely innocent

no one ever is in a game for two

but the beast makes everything  worse

and its got me locked in a forever battle with the monster, it’s right hand man

as long as that war continues

I’ll never find peace

the peace I need for her to want me

but I fear only her wanting me will bring me the peace I seek

so I’ll stay here

in a hamster cage

running from a monster

and the beast it serves




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