I came here with a thought of romance
Wondering if I’d have the chance
To meet someone like no one before
Of the odds, I wasn’t sure

I hit it off with one guy fast
But I don’t think it was something that would last
He started hanging with another and I spent more time with you
And something more than friendship quickly grew

When I am around you I feel on fire
It burns so strong I think it must be desire
Your beauty is unparalleled, a stunning kind so rare
Somehow your personality exceeds it, the way you act, the way you care
Your intelligence, passion, confidence, sense of self and morals
Everything about you inspires and deserves laurels

I steal a glance in every shared moment
And if you don’t respond I’m tempted to lament
When you do return my smile with your oh so cute grin
I lose my breath and feel my head start to spin

I’ve had my share of crazy escapades I won’t lie
But getting involved with someone like you is something I have yet to try
I’ve always been willing to say a woman is attractive so I’m not surprised
But feeling quite this way is not something I would have surmised

I’ve literally never met anyone like you
I want us to get stuck like glue
I’m infatuated in every way
If you want me I’m yours any day.


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