Desire is a powerful thing

It’s faster and thus fiercer than love

It hits us like a tidal wave

Borne of seemingly nothing

We drown in it

We may struggle against it but we revel in it too

Love is often slow

It grows stronger with each new layer peeled from the other person

Desire doesn’t require time.

It thrives in immediacy

It’s the beat your heart skips when someone makes you do a double take

It’s the flush in your cheeks at someone’s touch

It’s the breath you can’t catch when they’re near

It’s the undivided attention you give them when they speak

It can happen in a week, a day, a moment

Desire isn’t planning a life with someone

It’s being consumed by someone in the now

It’s not wishing for them to meet all your closest people

It’s wishing you were the only two people in the room

It’s not wanting to lay a framework for the future

It’s wanting to lay them on a bed and fuck till you bust a bed frame

It’s not making love in a meadow

It’s fucking like a hurricane

Love is a soothing ocean breeze

Desire is a raging fire

Love lasts

Desire may be fleeting, but that only makes it stronger

It may leave as fast as it comes

So it’s all about the now

We’d kill to be desired

And kill for those we desire

It can make us lose our heads, forget our hearts

Sometimes it’s worth the sacrifice, sometimes it’s not

Desire cares not about potential casualties

It’s a ruthless force

A brutal leader

It can deliver a shocking feeling of triumph

Or a paralyzing blow, the agony of defeat

But no matter what, we’ll keep coming back for more

Because we desire all that is desire


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