A lifetime of uncool

But suddenly, that’s changed

Here in a service program, around 18-24 year olds,

I’ve captured that elusive, secret world

Of cool

I’m on the team everyone wants to be on

I’m friends with everyone

I know about all the party plans

I’m part of all the crazy escapades

People look at me — maybe the whole squad — in awe

I’ve shaved my hair

I walk around with an air of importance

Someone even said we’re the best looking team

I am cool.

I’ve been soaking in the feeling

Of a dream long chased finally achieved

It’s enchanting, intoxicating

I’m the happiest I’ve been, in heaven

But recently, I’ve come back down to earth.

I’ve been wondering what makes someone cool.

Am I still me?

Do I want to be cool?

Yesterday the uncool me of 24 years

Wanted to go to a campus dance

But the new, cool me went to a bar instead

It was fun, so I don’t regret it

But did I ignore the real me?

My best friend here is the epitome of cool

The hottest girl around

As her friend I enjoy runoff cool points, the attention

But am I living in her shadow, playing second fiddle?

Can I handle that?

I would never want to lose this feeling of being cool

But I can’t help wondering

Is cool me really me?

Is it reality?

What is cool?


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