We had a night a week ago

Where we basically showed our cards

You showered me in the sweetest words

And in that state of sugar high

I told you I was putty in your hands

Maybe it was just implications but I’m sure you got the point

Yet that night now seems like a dream

Did it ever really happen?

Or is it a wine-warped memory, maybe just a fantasy?


Since that fleeting moment where we held hands and swapped flirtatious sparks

There’s been similar moments but none so severe, so surreal

And their number have fallen in recent days.

Perhaps the novelty is wearing off

Perhaps you’re growing weary of my loquacity

Or perhaps it’s like my friend believes, and to you it’s all a game

And you’re busy with other players.

I know she’s probably right.

You have two current lovers from a previous life, more in the further past

And you have another lover here.


He’s not as deeply under your spell as me, maybe that’s his advantage.

I don’t know who I’m more jealous of.

He who has the affections of a wild, free spirit with unparalleled beauty inside and out

Or you who has the attentions of an incomparably intelligent, kind hearted crusader

Ah what true suffering it is to yearn for two people,

to have neither while they have each other.


Either way it’s torture being near you but torture to be without

I know it’s probably a twisted game

I know I should forget it

But I am powerless to remove myself from the board

I just can’t walk away

I want you like a bee wants honey

I want to taste your lips

Tell me how to get there,

Or if you even still care

Let’s hit that higher level

Or at least return to that night a week ago

The night of sweet nothings and tender touches

That maybe never happened.


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